Skin Cancer Surgical Audit

The Skin Cancer Audit and Research Database (SCARD)

SCARD is a surgical log designed for doctors and health professionals that are working with skin cancer; such as doctors, nurses, pathologists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons.


The SCARD Initiative

The term SCARD represents two sides of the same coin:

The Skin Cancer Audit and Research Database (the Audit)
This is a free surgical auditing platform used by over 2000 health care professionals that treat skin malignancies.

Skin Cancer Audit and Research Data Inc (SCARD Inc)
SCARD Inc is a non-profit association who’s objective is “To collect, manage and analyse deidentified data regarding the management of skin malignancies, and to provide education and statistical feedback for health care professionals.”

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Surgical auditing for practitioners

Surgical auditing is the process of reviewing and evaluating the outcomes of surgical procedures. This can help doctors compare their experience and results with their peers, allowing them to see how their outcomes compare to those of other surgeons. 

Surgical auditing can be a valuable tool for doctors looking to compare their experience and outcomes with their peers and identify areas for improvement in their surgical practice.

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Self-auditing in primary care

Undertaking self-auditing is crucial for doctors in their practices for several reasons. Self-auditing refers to evaluating one’s work to ensure that it meets the required standards, and it involves reviewing medical records, patient care, and clinical outcomes.

Self-auditing can be essential to a doctor’s professional development. By reviewing their work, doctors can identify areas where they need to improve their skills or knowledge and take steps to address them. This can help them provide better patient care and advance in their careers. 

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